STIHL iMow® RM 422 P

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Up to 0.25 acres

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The STIHL iMow® RMI 422 P is perfect for homeowners who are looking for the ultimate yard. This smart mower will quietly and efficiently mow your lawn for you. It automatically mows on a regular basis and can handle thick, rough grass and slopes up to 22°. The RMI 422 P is designed to cut yards up to ¼ acre in about 17 hours per week with its durable double-sided steel blade, adjustable cutting heights and high performance STIHL battery technology. It has automated and customizable features and will be customized specifically for your yard.

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Cutting Height

.79” – 2.4"

Lawn Size Rating

Up to 1/4 acre

Max Slope

22 degrees

Homeowner Warranty

3 Years

Commercial Warranty

2 Years